20 March 2011

The End of an Era

Posted in General at 2:38 pm by undercovermillionaire

I owe all of you, dearest readers, an apology.

In my last article I left you with promises of a cruise extravaganza… page after page of delicious details on everything from the dessert menu to the evening entertainment, and almost assuredly with tangents on excursion quality; perhaps even a sentence or two waxing eloquent on the beauty of the fresh flowers that regularly appeared in our room. And, of course, the ocean always just a few feet away.

But instead of reliving the absolute perfection of my long-awaited winter vacation, the consumer in me has been breathlessly distracted by all of the changes in fashion that have exploded forth from our turbulent economy.

Who could have ever predicted that the boot-cut jean, that universally flattering, decade-long trend would gracefully succumb to the youthful vivacity of the stovepipe, to the point that even the most ‘bootcut’ of bootcuts is now significantly narrower than its ca. 2001 counterpart?

Not only has our silhouette changed drastically, but we simply cannot be tied down to a single fashion era, no matter how hard our designers may try to find one that will stick. This is a season for 1980s headbands, chunky jewelry, and cropped pant hems, and yet we will happily toss over our drapey vests a powdery green, peter pan-collared jacket that Gidget herself would have died for. Throw in Kate Middleton’s fairytale wedding just around the corner, and we suddenly can’t get enough midnight blue in our lives.

We crave Molly Ringwald’s quirky statement pieces, while still admiring Audrey Hepburn for her enduring sophistication. Was it really only three years ago that Ed Westwick not only scandalized us with his portrayal of a bored teenage womanizer, but also shocked us by making us wish we were just a bit more dandy?

Just a few short years ago, our style boundaries were clear… but today the world is changing so fast that even fashion can barely keep up.


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