27 January 2011

Waiting for the Ocean to Save You from the Waves

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What is it about the ocean that so draws us?

The average person considers themselves lucky if they live near a lake or river, much less an actual ocean. The ocean is the epitome of mystery and glamor- larger than we can possibly imagine, and filled with creatures so exotic that they might as well be aliens. For hundreds of years, fishermen and explorers bravely ventured out into the horizon, risking encounters with anything from giant monsters to malicious sirens. For as long as man has roamed the earth, the ocean has beckoned.

We swim in it, boat on it, fish from it, often depending on its depths for more than we are even aware of until it is suddenly miles away from us. Countless of us long for it when we are parted. Our dreams of vacation getaways more often than not center around a tropical island surrounded by deep, azure waves that sparkle like a bed of diamonds in the bright sun. Some of the world’s most picturesque hotspots would barely be worth the ink used to describe them, if not for their beaches.

What is the beach, if not a prologue to the ocean?

The ocean draws us; calling us to come back soon for another visit when we reluctantly drag ourselves away. We might spend our day at the beach battling the waves on surfboards or doing as little as dipping our big toe in the cold tide, but we always leave feeling calmer and refreshed. As we drive back to our crowded city streets and high rise office buildings, we often cast a quick glance in our rearview mirror at the endless waves, silently promising ourselves that we’ll be back much sooner the next time.

Does it come as any surprise that millionaires just can’t get enough of their beachfront villas, their private yachts, and their tropical getaways? The world’s richest jetsetters can be counted on to spend their winters someplace balmy, with the guarantee of bathwater-warm waves and maybe even a sandcastle or two. They live from beach escape to beach escape, drawn back to the water just as the rest of us are – but these fortunate few are able to pay homage far more frequently than others. If given a choice, wouldn’t the majority of us choose to spend our lives as close to the water as possible?

This month, I had the pleasure of enjoying a Caribbean cruise that was everything my last cruise should have been. Some of you will recall my appalled, enraged reviews of the cruise to the Bahamas that my husband and I suffered through last year – this year, we were more particular with the cruise line and ship that we chose, and I am happy to report that our voyage on board the Celebrity Equinox lived up to our expectations in every way possible.

Lucky you, dear readers – I’m about to spill every single glorious detail, and this time without the cloud of protecting-the-guilty that I felt obliged to use in the articles I wrote about my last cruise.  All aboard!

Celebrity Equinox


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